Hailing from South London, the posthumous album of late rapper Cadet has emerged after much anticipation from a nation of music fans. A life cut short by tragic events; the loss of rising star Cadet shook up the music scene immensely. A rapper who took so much pride in his work, of whom had a huge hunger to succeed, he was owed the opportunity to show the world of his god given talent for music. ‘The Rated Legend’ aptly titled, engraves the name Cadet in UK music history books, securing the legacy of an unforgettable individual.

Hosting an amplitude of passion and energy, the album in question almost seems to encompass the spirit of Cadet himself. We are taken on a journey of the deepest of lows and the lighthearted highs, of the life of a legend. A varied selection of sounds and genres, this grime, hip hop fusion of instrumentals is kept simple, to fully showcase the lyrical commentary- a special gift cadet possessed and one we will always cherish as UK Rap fans.
We see Cadets emotional side quite frequently on this project, speaking of his trials and tribulations with significant others. In particular on tracks; ‘Take The Wheel’ and ‘Support Me’, both stripped back to basics, just telling a narrative of the ups and downs of relationships.

We witness this further tenacity and emotion on ‘Gang Gang’, a cleverly narrated piece of poetry, showcasing poignant lyrics and ferocity as Cadet sculpts a story of brutal honesty. A relatable story of social injustice, the man once known as the underrated legend, acts as the voice of many black men who have been wrongfully targeted by police. This one is truly special.
Taking on a more upbeat, bouncy vibe were tracks such as; ‘Still’ in which featured Wretch 32,‘Roley’ featuring Swarmz and ‘Do What I Like’ featuring Tion Wayne. The light hearted, brighter side of Cadet is one we all love to love, with his dynamic flows and expert word play. Boasting a whole array of big named features, it just goes to show how many people wanted to share the mic with this guy.
Going viral in no time, ‘Advice’ saw Cadet team up with teenage barrer Deno Driz. An indelible collaboration, in which demonstrates humorous bars and infectious hooks, complimented by a bouncy tropical style instrumental.

This just seems like such fitting way to close the album… going out with the most memorable of tracks for the most memorable of rappers.
We will be forever be thankful that Cadet shared his gift with us, and forever thankful that Krept gave this project one final push to expose the real core of this mans talent. Krept you’ve done him proud. A true masterpiece.
What we’d do to hear Cadet Cadet just one more time.
Big love.

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