Barkey – Tryna get rich

We saw him grace the box and we had to ask him 50 something questions to get to know the man.

Barkey: Yo
Let’s do interview sha 
Barkey: Let’s go
Alright, Black or White?
Barkey: White
Bad Man or Good yute?
Barkey: Bad Man
How do you start your day?
Barkey: Pray
Breakfast or Nah?
Barkey : Nah
What are you reading now ?
Barkey: The alchemist
Alright, watching  now?
Barkey: Black ink crew
Listening to right now?
Barkey: A lot of instrumentals, and everything really
Okaay, What is your favourite song and film at the moment?
Barkey2: I like the new safaree joint lol. Film ?? Mmmm “Get out”
Favourite thing to do when your bored?
Barkey: Design
Name 4 things you take with you everyday before you leave the house  
Barkey: Phone . Money . Keys & My other phone 😃
But he never answers
Barkey: Loool
If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
Barkey: Pounded Yam
Frshie lol Sweet or savoury?
Barkey: Sweet
Take away or home cooked?
Barkey: Home cooked
How old was you when you first ate pounded yam?
Barkey: Baby 👶🏾
What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Barkey: Christmas
What age was the best year?
Barkey: 17
If you could tell yourself at 17 one thing – what would it be?
Barkey: Don’t listen to No1 and Don’t stop
What the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Barkey: Stop
Your favourite colour?
Barkey 2: Olive
Favourite pair of shoes?
Barkey: Nike VapourMax
Milkshake or fruit juice?
Barkey: Milkshake
TV or cinema?
Barkey: TV
Mustard or mayonnaise?
Barkey: Mayo

Bus or train?
Barkey: Train
Drive or be driven ?
Barkey: Drive
What is the one thing you can’t resist when you see it?
Barkey: Big Assssss
Lool What can people expect from your latest project?
Barkey: Consistency and Good Music 🖤
Any collabs to look out for?
Barkey: Nah
What’s your hidden talent?
Barkey: I can cook
How did you find you can do this?
Barkey: Really Wanted something and couldn’t get it, found out how to make it
Cool, Talent or hard work?
Barkey: Hard work
Do you wish you was more gifted?
Barkey: Nah not really I Feel I’m gifted enough
Instagram or snapchat?
Barkey: Snap
What you think of this new snap chat update?  
Barkey: Dead
Who is your favourite superhero?
Barkey: Don’t have one
If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Barkey: Healing
What would be the first thing you do with it?
Barkey: Heal someone lol
Just anyone?
Barkey: Anyone in need
Who is your biggest inspiration?
Barkey: Diddy
What was your favourite sport as a child?
Barkey: Footy
Favourite team?
Barkey: Arsenal
When did you realise you wanted to do this music seriously for life?
Barkey: 14
How many years is that?
Barkey: 16
Living or dead, what person would you like to work with?
Barkey: The Weeknd

If you could get one piece of advice from anyone in the industry for your next project who would it be?
Barkey: Jay-Z
Who is a musical icon that you look up too right now?
Barkey: Jay-Z
What musical trend do you wish you could bring back?
Barkey: Bars, Real shit
True. What childhood trend do you wish you could bring back?
Barkey: Avirex jackets
Think it’s comin back soon enough. I said it first yeah
Barkey: Would make sense, everything else is
What was the first album you ever purchased?
Barkey: So Solid
Same here. Can you say something in another language?
Barkey: Yeah
Who is your style icon?
Barkey: Chris brown ⚡⚡
Not many people think Chris uno
Barkey: Yhh. Chris got swag without trying
Good choice. Favourite designer?
Barkey: Fendi atm, Asos are good too
Whats one thing you want to be remembered for?
Barkey: My music
Whats one thing you want to leave for the world before you leave it?
Barkey: A Classic Album
Barkey: I like this q, My next project is called ‘while I’m still here’ .Your q explains the meaning
👌🏾. Finish this sentence : If you wasn’t doing this in life right now you would be …
Barkey 2: A Designer Full time
Creativity all the way
Barkey: Yep Coz I am still a designer now tbh… but jus for fun or for my music
Whats your favourite track of your last project?
Barkey: Becky
What’s your favourite bars from your last project?
Barkey : Give it to her runway.. then I hit the runway
Finally, quote us your favourite bars from your favourite song
Barkey: I have the same dream every night, but I don’t sleep, it’s a nightmare chasing dreams
Barkey: Insight freestyle
Alright sweet g, Thanks for answering our 50 something questions for upgrade in the box
Barkey 2: No prob bro .. thnx

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