Meet Esi

The entertainment scene in the UK, more specifically London is absolutely MASSIVE!

On a scene where rappers and singers seem to be getting all the attention it is definitely the time to shine the light on some of the other talent on the scene.

Meet Esi!

Esi, is a DJ/Presenter from West London. You may know her from Westside 89.6 FM as the sound to your weekend mornings on the Westside Connection show. Esi was kind enough to sit down with so that we can get to know her following her involvement in the highly entertaining clash on NO SIGNAL FM where she represented WSTRN as they were up against N DUBZ.

What or who inspired you to become a DJ & Presenter?

Esi “I’ve always been around music as my Dad manages a band. When I was younger, I used to listen to the radio before I went to sleep, stations like Platinum FM, Choice FM and even LBC – so I knew I always wanted to be on the radio”.

Describe what it was like to DJ in front of a crowed for the very first time

Esi“I was so nervous, my hands were shaking, and I kept turning around to ask my friend, who’s also a DJ, if the mixes were okay”.

Do you feel that it can be hard getting recognised as a female within the entertainment industry?

Esi “Not really, because I feel like if you’re working hard enough then people will recognise you at some point. Also, I think that now is a good time, or a better time to be a woman who wants to present or DJ”. “I think sometimes it was hard to be taken seriously, but personally I think I’ve definitely managed to overcome that. It’s all about finding your niche or your scene or whatever and working hard there first”.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Esi “I love working with new artists, playing music, making mixes and being able to tell a story with music”.

If you could DJ alongside any artist in the world who would it be and why?

Esi “I want to DJ for Beyoncé”!

During the lockdown period we have all been enjoying the sound clashes on NO SIGNAL. This week you were selecting tracks representing WSTRN in the WSTRN Vs N Dubz clash. How enjoyable was this experience for you to represent a group like WSTRN?

Esi “It was sick, and I loved representing WSTRN because obviously I’m from West, so it made sense. I actually think they’re the coldest outside of this, so it was fun”.

Were you nervous about the outcome of the clash on social media?

Esi “I wasn’t nervous because I knew that regardless of the outcome, WSTRN make better music lol. This clash wasn’t too tense or anything, and I was speaking to their manager beforehand and we knew it’s whatever”. “It was always going to be a positive cos I played certain songs that I knew people would go and stream”.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to enter the entertainment industry as a DJ or Presenter?

Esi “I think this is a good time to learn how to brand yourself properly. Figure out what type of DJ or Presenter you want to be, who you want to speak to and what you want to be known for, then get to work”. “Everybody is DIY now so there’s no excuse really, start a podcast or something if you can’t get on a station, buy a cheap controller and watch YouTube videos and practice how to DJ”. “Reach out to artists you want to play, and once coro is done, ask DJs that you rate if you can follow them to their bookings”.

Post Lockdown, What’s Next for Esi?

Esi “I’m going on holiday! Also, I was meant to DJ abroad this year for the first time ever, so in 2021 I’ll be able to tick that off my bucket list, and I plan to just get more work done”!

Big shout out to Esi for sitting down with and allowing us to get to know a bit about her and also dropping some gems for those who would want to start in the entertainment industry.

Click this link to listen to the No Siganal clash where Esi represented WSTRN as they went head to head against N Dubz.

Catch Esi on twitter @esildn and also keep up with No Signal @theresnosignal for more clashes and live DJ streams. Tune into @thisiswestside daily to catch up with Esi live on the airwaves!

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